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Rachel Lewis has been in the hair  industry for 25 years. She has been using Redken Shades EQ her entire career and also uses Alfaparf hair color and styling products. 

 Her specialties are color, corrective color, and special event styles.  In the salon she is known as the up-do queen and is sought after for weddings, black ties, and other special occasions.



Shampoo/ Blowdry        $25


Kids' Haircuts                    $25


Men's Haircuts                   $30


Women's Haircut Only    $30

Women's Haircut
with Blow-Dry                    $50

Color Only                          $50

Weave only                        $70 and Up


Weave/ Color Only           $95 and Up 


Perm Only                           $60 and Up 

Up-do:                                  $60 and Up 

Bang Trim                            Complimentary 


​These prices are approximations,  if you have any questions please call the Salon.

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